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New Twist on Banner Ads!

Hi my Friends!  I’ve been exploring options for banner advertising as an effective way of increasing brand New Twist on Banner Ads!awareness.  I’ve used various banner advertising before, you probably agree that the click-rates on them can be drastically low… as well as sign-ups for your business?!

Have your heard of the new BucketsofBanners (BoB) that is rolling-out in 3 phases?!

It all began with the Interactive Splash Page!

Then hot viral elements were added to expand the overall reach… even when you aren’t promoting yourself!

There is also a sign-up bonus infused in the banner of Club BoB members that encourage people to click on their banners… even when it’s not them promoting!  Oh & there’s more perks, too many to mention!

How sweet is that?! I’m always busy staying focused so this tool is helpful!

This is the beginning of their 3 phase roll-out and you are able to lock-in pricing now.

This is the start of something awesome!  Enjoy!   Grab your FREE account today!  

New Twist on Banner ads!


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